Virtual reality in the center of Gdańsk!


What is our virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR for short) is a new look at the computer world, but not only. It is dynamically developing in areas that have little in common with computers, such as in the development industry or medicine. We, however, not about it, but about players and games, because our studio was created for them.

Thanks to VR, we can finally move from behind the monitor and move completely to the game. Goggles on the head, controllers as our hands, and even a treadmill imitating movements (running, walking). It’s all to feel as a hero in the game. The movement of our body – jumping, dodging, bending down … Everything is done so that the virtual reality becomes the most real, and the VR world surrounds us from all sides. The headset allows us to watch this. We not only focus on the screen, we see the world above us, behind us, below us and in front of us. Virtuality surrounds us very realistically, and when we look at the controllers and instead of their normal appearance our hands or weapons appear, we can conquer the world!

But the virtual reality we offer is not only killing, although this type is very popular. We also have a number of suggestions for those who love puzzles and escape rooms. We have sports games, interactive films, movies and games for children, which are checked by our private tester (6 years) and the above-mentioned shooters available in the multiplayer game in co-op and pvp modes.


Virtual Planet Team

Our team has been operating for over 7 years, but we opened the studio on November 23, 2018. We are young (for our age), strong (unless you need to lift something) and with a sense of humor. Our team at the moment looks like this:

TOMEK – the owner, a graying teenager who embraces things impossible for a normal person.

ASIA – eternal 18th She usually sits and replies to e-mails or talks to you on the phone.

ALEX – our private game tester for children, sometimes comes in to help parents, but I feel the reason is a little different …

Guests love us!