VR Studio in Gdansk

3 sets of Goggles VR

1 Treadmill VR

100% Fun

We have 1 VIRTUIX OMNI treadmill and 3 sets of HTC VIVE PRO goggles. Therefore, there may be 3 people in the game at the same time.

If necessary, replace the station with the treadmill with the usual – standing.

Goggles VR HTC Vive Pro




As the only VR salon in Tri-City we have the latest HTC VIVE PRO goggles.

They are equipped with two precise controllers. They can feel every smallest player’s movement is accurately reflected in the virtual world. Two attached sensors that enable gameplay in a field of several meters are responsible for tracking movements. We use the highest quality equipment for headsets. Created for a “demanding player”.

Compared to the previous version of the VIVE goggles, the Pro model has 37% more pixels per inch, which results in 615 pixels per inch. The image you will see is breathtaking. A resolution of up to 2880 x 1600 (1440 x 1600 for each eye) and a 110-degree field of view will allow you to view the virtual world and all its elements in detail.

Hear the sound as its creator wanted. VIVE Pro goggles and built-in headphones are Hi-Res certified. All this combined with 3D surround sound makes the sounds you hear incredibly realistic. The powerful amplifier is able to provide you with the sound found in high impedance headphones.

Treadmill VR Virtuix Omni

As the only company in the Tri-City and one of 5 VR salons in Poland, we have the VIRTUIX OMNI treadmill.

It is a controller that allows you to move naturally in the VR world. The user enters the treadmill and can run after it, and his movements are transferred to the game.

Players can move forward, backward and dodge sideways. The treadmill is designed to handle people from 140 to 195 cm in height and up to 130 kg in weight.

If you want to try something more, this treadmill is for you. Together with the HTC VIVE PRO goggles, it will make you enter the virtual reality.



TV 43" Philips



Each station is equipped with an PHILIPS 43 “TV set, so that your friends can see what you have and play with you, and we can help you with more precision when you need it.